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US Update

on Saturday, 29 November 2014.

In an hour me and Kent are heading over to Copenhagen to catch a plane to Fort Lauderdale. We have a week to get the Daytona ready for its new owner, and to get a motor together for the new Corvette.

We will pick up the Corvette in Alabama on Friday, and then get it ready for Snowbird Nationals the weekend after. Next Sunday LG Eriksson, Robin Bergman and Mike Canter are coming over to help getting everything done!

1300 miles later and me and "king" Kent are back in Fort Myers with the new racecar!
The car was as clean and nice as I expected. Brandon Snider have taken really good care of it!
Thanks to Ricky Flock for lending us his pickup truck and to Bob Francis for letting us use his trailer!
The last week we have worked/prepared motor/transmission and other stuff for the car and now its time to start getting it togehter for Snowbird Nationals next weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Car & New Class

on Saturday, 29 November 2014.

After looking at a couple of cars, some turn key and some as rollers I/we decided to buy a Joey Martin built Corvette -63 from Brandon Snider(as a rolling chassie). I think that this was the best car available, and its a fast, proven car!

We will pick it up on Thanksgiving weekend and then try to get it raceready in Pro Extreme trim for the Snowbird Nationals in Bradenton.

This will be the second Corvette-body racecar for me. A loooong time ago I had a Corvette C4 with a smallblock motor in it, we ran the car in an outlaw class called "super smallblock"... We won the Championship with that car In 1999(or something like that). I hope we can get som wins with our new Vette as well!!!!

The last couple of days we have machined and assembled an engine here in our shop in Sweden for our new Pro Extreme car in US!

Everything is in a crate, ready to go on a plane to US. We will pick up the new car thanksgiving weekend, and get it together the following week. If everything works out as planned, we will run it at Snowbird Nationals in Bradenton first weekend in December.

Over to US again

on Friday, 12 September 2014.

On Monday we are finally flying over to US again! Its been over four months since the last time I was over there and since we last raced the Daytona..

Our plan is to work on the car Tuesday and Wednesday and maybe test Thursday b...efore the Heads up madness at Bradenton Motorsports Park Friday and Saturday.

If everything works out as planned, this is our Schedule for the rest of 2014:

Heads up madness Bradenton September 19-20

PDRA World Finals Richmond VA October 9-11

World Street Nationals Orlando Speedway October 17-19

Outlaw Dragracing Championship Bradenton October 23-26

Citrus Nationals Palm Beach International Raceway November 28-30

Snowbird Nationals Bradenton December 4-7

Rockingham and the PDRA

on Friday, 04 April 2014.

We lost in the semis to Todd Moyer. He ran 3.87s 205mph and had a killer light! Well done!
I ran 3.90s with a not so good light this time.....
Well thats racing, Im very happy anyway we made four good qualifying runs, and three even better elimination runs.
We have a great atmosphere in the team, and we all had a great weekend! I feel that we have taken big steps the last 2-3 races, and are Learning to be more and more consistent with our new car.

Won second round with a 3.894s 196.16mph! Getting the car ready for the semis.

We won first round with a 3.908s 193.99mph run!

Going to the lanes!

In a short while we are going up to the lanes for elimination round one. Lets hope we can continue going down the track fast and safe!

Big congrats to our "team car" this weekend! Nick and Jason Stewart won first round in Pro JR Dragster in their 5 Day Plantation Shutters sponsored dragster!!!

Today was a great day for us! every run down the track was better then the previous one.
But what really made my day didnt have anything to do with racing...... A while ago Tim McMurray contacted me and said him and his son wanted to visit us here at the track in Rockingham. Tims son Holden have a disease called duchenne muscular dystrophy.... 
Holden is a huge Pro Mod fan! It was a pleasure to have him and his family here today! it puts things in a litle different perspective..... To see this kid, that is only six years old with a disease like that, still keeping the spirit high and enjoying every second here at the track! Thanks alot for stoping by today! You are always welcome!!!

We ended up at number two spot after the last qualifying run. Ran 3.909s 194.38mph.
Im really happy with our performance so far! We have improved every run, and I think we still have some more in it!
Eliminations starts tomorrow at ten o`clock.

Stands are packed here at Rockingham Dragway!
We made another good run, 3.939s 194.31mph. I think we are number four or five at this point.
Last qualifying run in a short while!

We are number four after the second qualifying run. I went after it a bit to hard.... Had to pedal it a bit... Still went 3.945s 191.24mph. Two more chances today to improve!

Time for the first run of the day!
As usual we are trying to go faster then our previous runs... 
We will try to go after it a bit, let's hope we can get it down!

After a great first run we sit aat number two spot! First five is:

Troy Coughlin 3.925
Adam Flamholc 3.962 (194.30mph)
Gerry Capano 3.962 (188.65mph)
Tommy D'Aprile 3.984
Todd Tutterow 4.017

Many good cars here, so we need to step up some more tomorrow!

We made some changes to the car before the second run. It left the line very good, went trough low gear shifted to second and then I lifted. All numbers down low was better then the first hit. 
Now we are getting the car ready for Q. one in a couple of hours.

First test run down the track, we went 3.99s 189.6mph. 
Litle lazy but Im satisfied with it!
The guys are preparing the car for another test in a litle while. Gonna do som changes and see if we can step it up a bit....
One qualifying run around seven o`clock tonight!

We are finally here in Rockingham and the PDRA spring open race.
There are plenty of teams here already, and many of them tested today. We arrived this afternoon, and spend the day preparing the car for testing and qualifying tomorrow.
Many people have asked if there will be a live feed..... And there will! I dont think they start their broadcast until qualifying starts at 06.00 PM tomorrow.
Here is the link:



on Wednesday, 19 March 2014.

Going back to the cold.... Tonight we fly home to Sweden again... Its been a great "tour" this time! We have made some big changes to the Daytona, and it feels like we are getting it closer and closer to where we want it to be! We also had a lot of fun, and all of us in the team worked really hard with the car and everything around it!
Next race for us is in Rockingham Dragway first weekend in April.
Im very motivated and cant wait for the first PDRA event ever!!!
But now Im looking forward to meet my family again!

Just when we had the car ready for the final it started to rain.......
They just cancelled the race....
Well Kent is making coffe and we are loading everything up and are heading "home" to Fort Myers Florida!!!!
Won first round against Roberts. He turned on a red light so I just went through low gear shifted to second and then shut it off.
Since Frank is not here to do the chutes that's my job this weekend...... So we only make full passes and use the chutes if we really have to lol....


on Friday, 31 January 2014.

We qualified as number twelve with the Daytona(4.02), and number five with the Viper(3.89).
Lost first round with both cars....
The Daytona blew the tires right at the hit and the Viper didn't start... Turned out the battery was bad in it...
The guys in my team did a great job all weekend, working on two cars, and figured out many small problems on both cars.
For the first time ever for me, I wasn't really motivated this weekend....... I've been away from home for almost eight weeks, and miss my family and
everything else back home....
I'm flying out from Fort Lauderdale tonight, so if everything goes well I'll be home in Sweden tomorrow.
Next race for us over here will probably be at PBIR in West Palm March 7-10. Can't wait to come home, and can't wait for the next race!!!!

Going to US

on Monday, 02 December 2013.

On Tuesday its finally time to fly overseas again!
Me, Kent, Patrick and Johan will meet up with Pete Farber and Malcolm on Wednesday morning. We will finish up the Daytona and fire it, then I hope we can make some test-runs on Thursday.
We are also meeting up with Camp Stanley on Wednesday, Camp sre driving down with the toterhome we bought from him.
If everything works out like planed, we will race the Daytona at Snowbird Nationals next weekend.
On Sunday Dan Nickelson arrives with the Viper and the trailer we bought from him. Alot of things going on..... And alot of things that needs to fall into place....
Monday after the race we have rented the track together with a couple of other teams. We will do some changes to the Viper, and try to get it ready for eight mile racing.

Amalie Oil

on Wednesday, 27 November 2013.

Im very happy to announce that Amalie oil has extended its sponsorship deal with Flamholc/MMR Racing once again!!!
Amalie Oil in Europe was my first sponsor. Johan Soderlund and Dan Ribba started the company about then years ago from scratch. Its really amazing to see what a great business they have built over the years!
Ofcourse we are using Amalie Oil in our racecars, and we are also selling the products at our shop in Malmoe! (MMR)

Super Streetcar Nationals

on Wednesday, 13 November 2013.

Im on my way to Las Vegas and the Super Streetcar Nationals, Mike Canter is going there, Dan Nickelson(that I bought the Viper from) with his team is going there..... Well since my hand still is in pretty bad shape, and I probably cant drive the racecar, we decided to let Dan race it one last time!!!

Tomorrow Im flying from Copenhagen to Las Vegas.
Im gonna meet Dan Nickelson and check out our new outlaw Pro Mod Viper. The plan was that I was gonna drive it at the Streetcar Supernationals this weekend. Well it doesnt look like I will be able to do that...... I Went to my doctor today because the upper side of my hand was really swollen. They did an X-ray and found several fractures that they missed when I had the first surgery.....
So when I come home next week Im gonna meet a hand-specialist and get another surgery done....


More things going on!

on Thursday, 24 October 2013.

More things going on!
This is something I really looking forward to be apart of!!!
I know Mats is a great driver, and LG together with the rest of the guys in the team are hard working and very determined!
We´r now happy to release some news for next season! We wish Adam Flamholc welcome to team Green Goblin!

Miss my first ADRL

on Monday, 21 October 2013.

This weekend Im gonna miss my first ADRL event since the finals in Texas in 2011....
Well it is what is.... Next year we will be out there again, running both NHRA and ADRL!

I have some great news!!!!
As we announced last week I bought Pete Farbers Dodge Daytona. That car will stay in US and we will run legal Pro Mod with it.

Ive had great some offers from teams in US and in Europe to do different stuff, and I decided to do this:
Next year I will work(tune) with one Pro Mod team and one Methanol Funny Car team in Europe on all FIA races.

We will also get an outlaw car togehter and run Top Doorslammer in Sweden next summer!
A big thanks to my sponsors that made this happen!!!
As usual it will be a busy schedule....
The plan is to run in US in the winter, spring, fall and stay in Europe over the summer.

New Car

on Sunday, 13 October 2013.

Well the last 1.5 weeks Ive been asked alot of questions about how I am, and what have happened, about surgery, medications and so on. As I said Before I really and truly appreciate all support!
But I almost feel lika a doctor..... Only talking about stuff like that...
Now its time to talk about racecars!!! My Funny Car is sold to England! Gareth and Graham Ellis will race it next year. I saw Gareth when he made his first passes this year, and I told Graham right away, "that kid can drive a racecar"! Im sure they will do really good with it!
More car-talk... Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou all so much for helping us out, and thanks to my sponsors!
Ive closed a deal with Pete Farber. He offered me his G-Force built Dodge Daytona. I Always liked the car, and another G-Force car suits me perfect!
Pete will finish the season(only Las Vegas left) and then Pete and Malcolm Nickerson from his team will put my motor in it, and deliver it in Florida before Snowbird Narionals in December! If Im back in shape by then, we will race at Bradenton December 5-8!!!


on Sunday, 06 October 2013.

After I had surgery last Thursday, Ive been feeling pretty sick... Well finally I have less headech, and dont sleep all the time!
I wanna thank many people that have cared for me/us after the accident last weekend: All my sponsors, you guys are the best! My family.... Im very fortune to have you helping me with everything! And the guys in our team, that never gives up, and always looks forward!
The day after the crash, Jan Phersson from Simpson Sweden contacted me. and offered me brand new safety equipment for me and my new car! "JP" is not only a parts salesman, He is also working actively to develop and improve the safety in our sport!
My daughter Frida and good friend Per-Erik started a fund to help me/us get back on the track asap, the respond have been great! I have things slowly coming together already for 2014...!!!
And again, thanks to everyone who contacted me in any way to wish me a speedy recovery and good luck!

Adam is OK after big crash!!!

on Saturday, 28 September 2013.

Im pretty banged up.... And looks like Mike Tyson after 12 rounds.... But after all I feel pretty good! Thanks to NHRA:s safety crew and to G-Force. For my safe racecar!
I know my family back home in Sweden is worried, but as I said I'm pretty good after all!!!
I love you guys see you soon!
My racecar is not doing good though....well it was time to get a new one anyway!


on Friday, 09 August 2013.

Back home from a great weekend in Hockenheim! Over 60000 spectators in the stands Saturday evening!

Lost the final to Johan, I left the line first, but when the car started to move around a bit I shortshifted. I should have stayed with it instead.....johan had the fastest car out there today, he ran between 5.61 to 5.64 all day!!! Big congrats from us to the whole Lindberg Bros team!
Well anyway we are number one in the points again.

We won the semis!
Was on a good run but after 1000ft the blower belt broke. I guess Manzo was right when he said no more then eight runs on the belts......
Well we still ran 5.75, with room to improve.
We are up against Johan Lindberg in the finals.

Shake pedal and win!
We won the very important first round against pointsleader Leif Andreasson.
Track felt "greasy" so I had to drive it a bit....
Next round in a couple of hours against Jonnie Lindberg.

Its a beautiful morning here in Hockenheim!
Elimination in about two hours, so its time to fire up the car.

The tuneup I had in the car for Q. four was to aggressive. The car went in to tireshake in 1:st gear so I lifted.
It was only Johan Lindberg that made it down and improved on the last run.
Well in fairly satisfied so far, we made three decent runs, and went faster and faster.
Tomorrow we are up against Leif Andreasson in round one.

We improved to a 5.67 on the first run today. Its a pretty tight field here, number one to number five qualifier are between 5.62 - 5.69s.
We have still not made any really perfect run...
On the last Q. run tonight Im gonna try to go after it hard!

We are in the restaurant at the track here in Hockenheim together with our friends from Cleanpipe and their business partners from RSP.
We made two runs today. We went down the track both times, best ET was 5.73s. That puts us at fourth spot for now.
They expect a huge crowd here tomorrow, over 60000 tickets sold!

Here is a link to the live feed from the race in Hockenheim this weekend:

We arrived at the track around noon yesterday. Everything is set up and the car is pretty much ready for Q. round one 12.30 today.